TSR TSR Credits and Thanks
Brian thanks the following people and organizations for their wisdom, knowledge, encouragement, and support:

The Lord (the ultimate inventor and scientist).
The people at Radio NHCWX.
USA Weather
National Weather Service of Nashville, TN
Meteorologist Jerry Orchanian at NWS of Nashville, TN
National Weather Service of Huntsville, AL
Meteorologist John Gordon at NWS of Louisville, KY and Hurricane Hunter
TSgt. Randy Bynon- Hurricane Hunter-  Dropsonde Systems Operator
RAE Products of Nashville
Aaron in Maryland for video assistance.
Storm 5 Weather Team- Meteorologists Ron Howes, Lelan Statom, and Charlie Neese
Ashley Adams, Producer with Michael Hoff Productions and the National Geographic Channel
Clint Stephens for providing the first launch site for the Trinity Rocket
Maury County, TN Amateur Radio Club
The University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC
Dewayne Newton- the world's best Honda Mechanic found at Gerald Jones Honda in Augusta, GA.
My family- specifically my parents for allowing me to make a mess at their place during project developments.
Clearwater First Baptist Church in Clearwater, SC
The Peoples' Church in Franklin, TN
Ron Rexroad and Dr. Eileen Rexroad- the writing specialists.
Dan Trigona
Adrein Lyons
Boeing Employees Model Rocketry Club
Dave Davis

My Team:

Aaron Ramsey
Clint Stephens
Michael W. Moss, Internet Partnership Radio
Meteorologist Charlie Neese
Dwight Moore

"KRYPTON" performed by the University of South Carolina Marching Band