Dwight Moore- W5MDM
Middle Tennessee Skywarn
Dwight says he has always been addicted to the rush of chasing storms. He earned his amateur radio license and got involved with the Skywarn program in August of 2003.  He said, "What got my attention of storms was when my hometown of Culleoka, TN got hit by the F-3 tornado on April 16th, 1998. I was luckily not in the area as it came through, but got to see the destruction an hour after the storm had passed. I got to see a tractor trailer rig blown over; trailer and all, and not to mention some of the damage it did to some mobile homes.  I knew then that I wanted to be involved in tracking storms and help the National Weather Service issue warnings in a quicker manner of time."  He sometimes coordinates with the NWS Warning Coordination Meteorologist in arranging spotter classes for Maury County, TN. Dwight makes sure that the public gets a chance to attend classes in his area.  You will sometimes see Dwight's pictures on Nashville TV stations and sometimes you see them in the Middle TN Weather news that is published by the National Weather Service in Nashville, TN.  You can see some of Dwight's pictures here.