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TSR Quantum Makes Successful Flight Near Aiken, SC
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Spirios, (spi' re os), n.
payload-capable Tornado-Seeking rocket.
spir (courageous, breathing)- ios (arrow).
Test Launches During Development of Spirios
TSR: Spirios launch at Nashville, TN!
TSR: Spirios is the rocket design that is payload capable.   It made excellent flights during testing.  
Spirios Spirios Spirios Spirios Spirios
TRN TSR: Trinity launch at Beech Island, SC! Left Angle

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Critical Decisions

The TSR made its first TV appearance in the National Geographic Channel show:

"Critical Decisions: Oklahoma City Tornado"


June 2005 Stormchase Pictures and Video

Purpose of the TSR Project:
When the appearance is almost identical on Doppler Radar, why would supercell 1 drop a tornado while supercell 2 does not?
SC1 Supercell 1 SC2 Supercell 2
The TSR Team is seeking to find the missing factors of tornado forecasting.

Stormchasers, meteorologists, and other scientists have been trying to plant objects in the path of tornadoes for many years.  Two stormchasers, Tim Samaras and Brad Carter, recently succeeded with the deployment of the "In-Situ Tornado Probes" and recorded valuable data, but this method remains very dangerous and risky.  Anything could go wrong- the tornado could move in too fast and catch the chasers, the vehicle could break down stranding the chasers in the path of the tornado, or who knows what else could go wrong.  In the online video of the In-Situ Tornado Probe deployment, you can hear one chaser telling the other in a nervous tone to "hurry up...we have to go" (before the tornado arrives at their location). More Tim Samaras video.  The purpose of the TSR system is to greatly reduce the risk while providing a more reliable deployment method.  For more information about other objects placed in the path of a tornado, click here.

Current and Past Projects and Methods Using Rockets for weather study:
If you are aware of any other weather rocket projects not listed here, please inform Brian at nashvillestorm@yahoo.com.