*The NWS of Nashville asks that spotters take a spotter class at least every three years to remain active in the system.
Last updated 3/16/09.....from the site manager-

New Weatherman In Town!
We welcome Tom Johnstone, the new Warning Coordination Meteorologist for the National Weather Service of Nashville.  I had the opportunity to meet Tom at a recent spotter class in Murfreesboro, TN.  Middle Tennessee is certainly blessed to have Tom in our area.  You can tell in only a few minutes that Tom is one of those guys that everyone will enjoy working with.  He is also very passionate about weather and you can see his enthusiasm through his approach in teaching his class.

Discovery Says "No"
It's a "No" from the Discovery Channel.  I was approached by the producers of "Storm Chasers" as seen on the Discovery Channel.  I submitted all material requested, but  Discovery said no for this year.  Good luck to Ronan and Sean as they try to intercept tornadoes in the TIV this year!

Home Stormtracking Center
My home computer has been upgraded to a 3-screen monitoring system and the memory has been tripled to 3 gigs.  Radar imagery is generated by GRLevel3- which I use in all my systems including moblile stormtracking and SKYTEC 5 (see below).

New Moblile Stormtracking Upgrades and Safety Features
car radarfog lights
A faster computer has been added with the follwoing features:
Verizon wireless card, GPS on GRLevel3 radar screen, and Delorme GPS navigation.
Fog lights were added to the car for extra safety during night time chases.

Tornado Hits Home
A tornado hit my hometown in the Clearwater community near North Augusta, SC.  The EF1 tornado touched down near Clearwater and strenghtened into an EF3 tornado as it tracked ESE across the state.  There was plenty of damage, but no lives were lost in this serious storm.  I watched the event unfold on radar....see image below.

tornado image

SKYTEK5weather center
radarThe 5-screen computer system, divided between 2 computers, is called SKYTEC 5.  The weather center has realtime Doppler radar, street-level mapping, satellite imagery, lightning strike data, and cameras across the mid-state.  
radarThe computers run on the latest AMD Athlon processors with imagery displayed on 5 widescreen LCD flat panels.