Nashville, TN
A tour of your 
National Weather Service of Nashville, TN
Inside the Forecast Office
The NWS Nashville is under the direction of Meteorologist-in-Charge (MIC), Larry Vannozzi.  Larry, a graduate of Penn State, says he likes the variety of weather that we have in Middle Tennessee.  Nashville experiences different types of weather as the seasons change.

National Weather updates from the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK are shown on the big flat screen.

Warning Coordination Meteorologist Jerry Orchanian (in back) and meteorologist John Cohen (in front) discuss the forecast.  John studied meteorology at North Carolina State University.
Meteorologist Mark Richards (back corner) is the Lead Forecaster for this shift.  Mark studied meteorology at Florida State University.  The shifts are broken up into two jobs: short-term forecasting and long-term forecasting.
Each meteorologist prepares the forecast at a workstation. Each workstation gives access to data such as radar imagery; including estimated rainfall, hail size, wind field, and storm tracking.
Meteorologist John Cohen is preparing a forecast at his workstation. Computer forecast models have to be interpreted and translated into everyday language that the public will understand.
Meteorologist Jerry Orchanian demonstrates his workstation. On October 4, 2008, the Middle Tennessee weather community lost Jerry. We remember him at this link. Storm tracking in action (above and center screen below).
Satellite data can also be accessed.  The left screen shows visible satellite.  The far right screen shows infrared satellite, which is used to show cloud-top temperature.  Colder cloud tops indicate higher storm intensity.
The NWS of Nashville cooperates in training future meteorologists.

Student Meteorologist Katrina Virts prepares to become a professional meteorologist.

Katrina is studing meteorology at the University of Oklahoma.
Katrina will continue through the summer training with the Nashville NWS office.