Nashville, TN
A tour of your 
National Weather Service of Nashville, TN
Inside and Outside the Forecast Office Meteorologist Jerry Orchanian checks rainfall measurements.
Doppler Radar Tower
The radar is protected from the elements by a large dome.
Different scan levels can be seen on the control screen. The Doppler Radar control computer is located inside the forecast office.
The Ozone Dome
Ozone readings are measured inside this building.

This computer controls the ozone device.  This device is called the Dobson ozone spectrophotometer.
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The Weather Balloon
The balloon is filled with hydrogen, sealed, and loaded with a meteorological instrument.

Data Acquisition Program Manager (DAPM),  Ralph Troutman, prepares to release the balloon.

The balloon begins its journey.
Meteorologist Jerry Orchanian activates the radio controls that receives data from the balloon.