I.N.V.A.D.E.R. Project
INto Vortex Atmospheric Delivery and Exploratory Rocket
(Tornado-Seeking Rocket Project is the current name)

Rocket Pictures

We look at this design now and laugh, because there was no way it would fly- much less make it to a tornado.

Aaron preparing the (old design) TRINITY Rocket for launch.

Brian preparing the I.N.V.A.D.E.R. 4 Rocket for launch.

I.N.V.A.D.E.R. 4 Rocket crash.  Not successful.

The I.N.V.A.D.E.R. 5 Rockets (R2's).
The car helps show proportions of the rockets.
Successful flight!

R2-2 at tilted launch position.

Brian running across the field yelling, "Shoot it! Shoot it! Shoot the picture!"  The red arrow shows R2-2's recovery system bringing it down safely.
Due to fast launch speed, a picture of the actual launch was too difficult to capture.
After a perfect flight, R2-2 is recovered safely without a scratch.