A phone call only a stormchaser would receive?
No one gets phone calls like this...do they?  ....listen here.

I embarassed myself tonight. We had a stormspotter class and Jerry asks what size hail does it have to be for a storm to be considered severe. For some strange reason I blurt out pea size.  I wanted to get up and run out of the room.  I dont know what happened.   I think its because I had to work 13 hours yesterday and 12 hours today.
-A Famous Anonymous Spotter in Maury County, TN

Maybe you were pulled over by the cops during a stormchase, or maybe you ran into someone's mailbox while on a chase.  Confessions are good for the soul!  If you have a weather related confession, send it in!  We can keep it anonymous!

Conversations Taken from NashvilleWX.com's Discussion Board
If anyone knows who wrote these comments, ask them to contact me.  I would love to have more of their comments....Brian

These were posted in response to some people who were apparently upset because it did not snow at their house:

(Posted by: SistaSmiff at February 11, 2006 04:59 PM)
I don't remember that Justin, Lisa, Davis, Ron Howes, Lisa Spencer, Charlie Neese or Nancy Van Kamp's names having "God" in them anywhere. (I hope it's legal to mention weather people from those OTHER stations on this website) They all have the very best prediction equipment available and I think all but one of them have meteorology degrees. That said, and this may be a shock to some of you, but, they don't have control over what the weather does. Now let that fall on you for a second....now tawk amongst yaselves....here's a topic...Justin Bruce never calmed the wawtas or made wawta into wine....discuss.

(Posted by: Tracy R at February 11, 2006 10:21 AM)
The psychologists call it "Snow Prediction Failure/Inner Child Tantrum" (SPF-ICT)
This is when adults, who have unresolved childhood issues, seek the glory and affirmation of joy through a significant snow event, thus propelling their self into the euphoria they had when they were 8 and it snowed; these feelings are heightened due to re-experiencing the happiness they felt as a child, a feeling they obviously sought, due to conditions they were powerless over which made them unhappy. These gleeful child snow events were thought to hold the answer to their unhappiness, yet the feelings returned when the snow melted.
These adults see snow forecasted and go into a readied state of happiness, subconciously participating a solution to unresolved childhood strife (past adult snow events lead to a memory loss of the event ending(ie snow melting) and to only the happiness felt during the actual snow event).
When the "promises" of weather forecasters turn out to be false, these adults suffering from SPF-ICT lash out at these "promise keepers" in child like ways. Researchers believe the weather forecasters represent the ones who made the adult's childhood miserable (parent, teacher, brother, etc...).
These feelings usually subside and memories of such feelings are usually minimal, leading these adults to once again trust the weather forecasters the next time the big one is coming.
(This report is open for citing and re-publication as you see fit).

New Winter Motorsport Invented
How creative do you have to be to create this sport?  In February 2004, there was heavy snowfall just south of Nashville.  I decided to drive to Spring Hill, TN to take pictures.  Everything was going great when I reached the snowfall area.  I stopped on Saturn Parkway, being careful to park on the upside of the sloped part of the road, so that I would have no trouble with the slippery conditions when accelerating.  I pulled onto an overpass to get a good view and I put the car in park.  The snow on the bridge was at least 6 inches deep.  I saw a car approaching in my rear view mirror, so I decided to pull out of the way, but when I hit the gas, the rear end of the car started sliding.  I thought, "Crap, there is ice on the bridge!"  When I got off of the bridge, the car continued to fish-tail.  I thought then that the deep snow had wedged up between the fender and the tire causing my tires to lock up.  I thought, "if I get back on Saturn Parkway and speed up, the snow will break loose and the tires will begin spinning."  Meanwhile, cars are beginning to line up behind me.  The speed I gained appeared to do nothing to free the back wheels.  When I slowed down, the car was harder to control.  In fact, the car was extremely hard to control.  At a couple of times, the car was nearly perpendicular to the road with the front wheels pointing straight ahead (car was sideways).  It took all of my energy and efforts to simply keep the car on the road.  I finally reached I-65 where the road was salted with no snow, and I thought "this will break it loose."  When I hit the salted concrete, I heard the rear wheels go "SSSSSHHHKKKSKSK!"  I immediately pulled the car over and went to put on the parking brake, but the parking brake was already on!  Someone pulled up beside me and yelled, "take your parking brake off!"  I said, "Thanks!"  I had driven for almost a mile in the snow with my parking brake on and I cannot accurately describe in words how difficult it was to control the car.  There was no damage done to the car, because the tires were sliding on snow.  So, I call this new sport Snow Brake Cruising.  The goal is to keep the car between the ditches.  This sport will only work with front-wheel drive.

Nashville Tornado Warning!!!!
(Hollywood Version)

Beeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!!!!!  Ya'll...a tornader is comin'.  Go get in ya bathtubs.  Stay away from the winders...it will really ruffle ya feathers.  If ya hear a train it might be comin' your way.  Tornaders can level barns and make cows fly....don't wait to hear the train whistle...take cover now.

Top 10 Ways to know you are StormCrazy
by B.Waldrop

*NOAA Weather Radio Frequencies.

New Medical Study.....
Do Tornado Warnings cause nausea?

May 5, 1999 a storm complex moved through while I was at my favorite hangout....Chili's of Cool Springs.  My NOAA weather radio aired several tornado warnings for parts of our area.  Meridith, my favorite waitress at the time heard the warnings and said she felt like throwing up.  I laughed at her because she was over reacting.  I asked her, "Do you think I would be sitting here if a tornado is coming our way"?  She responded, it does not matter...just hearing the word tornado makes me want to throw up.  Meridith has now moved to Seattle, WA....now all she has to worry about are earthquakes and Mt. Rainier becoming active again.

Another friend by the name of Tina (from Huntsville, AL)  says tornadoes tear her up.  I have been afraid to ask exactly what that means.

Conclusion: Tornado warnings must cause stomach problems.
Remedy:  Before the skies turn green and black, purchase some of that pink stuff.