Test Flight Stories

*Special Thanks to Dwight Moore for letting us use his place for test launches.
R2 Design Blast-off!
This was the last test flight for the R2 design which proved to be unstable at higher speeds.  The rocket lost control and crashed a split-second after this photo.

T.S.R. Shot Down over Maury County, TN!

Sunday's test launch had an unexpected twist when the rocket landed in a tree.  After about an hour of searching through the field, woods, and swamps, I gave up on the search and left the situation in the hands of the very capable Dwight Moore- capable of recovering a rocket in a creative way.  He shot the rocket down and only put one hole in it!

Dwight says that T.S.R. means "Tree-Seeking Rocket".

Although the green color was bright, it still blended too well with vegetation.  The 4' long flourescent pink streamer made the rocket visible.