Meet the Tornado-Seeking Rocket Scientists!
Plans fail for the lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed (Proverbs 15:22 NIV).

The TSR Project is a school of different thoughts and beliefs.  The views and the opinions are those individually of the staff and not soley of the TSR Project, sponsors, or associated organizations.

Brian Waldrop, K5BWX- Rocket Designer/Stormchaser
Nashville, TN
Email: brian@thunderchaser.com

Brian is the creator of the Tornado-Seeking Rocket concept.  He is hopeful that his team's efforts will result in the first reliable delivery system for use in tornado study.  Brian's responsibilities on the chase include stormchase navigator and rocket launch technician.   

One of his favorite quotes:  "Professionals built the Titanic, but amateurs built the Ark."
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Dwight Moore, W5MDM- Communications Specialist
Culleoka, TN
Email: dwight@thunderchaser.com

Dwight formerly provided the Tennessee testing site for rocket development. Now he coordinates communication with chase team vehicles, National Weather Service Offices, and other amateur radio operators in areas where the chase takes place.  Real-time information is very valuable in stormchasing and Dwight's skill will give us a sharper edge.  Rocket testing has also given him experience in rocket deployment. See more here

Michael Moss- Promotions Officer
New Whiteland, IN
Email: mosspier@insightbb.com

Michael's love of weather, enthusiasm, and relational skills are what this project needs to pave the way to success.  He promotes the project  through his radio shows and podcast shows.  Listen to Michael's shows at PodWeather.com.  Much of this project's success is from Michael's effort.



Clint Clint Stephens - Test Launch Assistant
Nashville, TN
Email: clint@thunderchaser.com

The kids call him SpiderMan, but Brian calls him the Rocket Retriever!  Clint helps in securing launch fields and assists with the location of rockets after landings.   See Clint's and Brian's test-launch adventures at the main page.

Aaron Ramsey- Rocket Designer
North Augusta, SC
Email: sleeplate3@wmconnect.com

Aaron's designing skill has offered a clever solution to our needs in rocket tail stabilization.  If you have a question about rockets, Aaron is the man to ask.  Aaron's adventurous "take it to the edge" personality led me to seek him out for this project.
Aaron also takes the words "Whatever you do- do it for the Lord" to the extreme!  He has a motorcycle jumping ministry and has deep concern for young people.
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Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed (Proverbs 16:3 NIV).